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News and updates about events that have happened at Gladstone Manor or announcements that affect residents of Gladstone Manor.

Caroling Under the Lights

Saturday, December 16, 2016 from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Caroling Under the Lights in Gladstone Manor with The Mansfield Brass

The Mansfield Brass begins caroling at the corner of Mansfield and Madison Roads, proceeds down Madison, up Walsh to the Gladstone Manor Island Parklette, and continues down Mansfield to Madison, concluding its tour of the Manor in the cul-de-sac at the intersection of East and West Windermere Terraces. The group stops to play under the Manor’s streetlights and holiday tree.

Carolers are welcome!

If you are willing to host an after-caroling party please post it on Nextdoor or contact Paul at [email protected]

Baltimore Avenue Clean Up Day

Join in with your neighbors from the Gladstone Manor Civic Association, Mayor Tony Campuzano, and Councilmember Hover for a litter pick up and Yard Waste Cleanup along Baltimore Avenue. Coffee and Donuts in the Island at 11:00.

Bring: Rakes, Work Gloves, Garden Shears
What: Clean up Baltimore from Scottdale to the Island
Reward: Coffee and Donuts at the Island

Lansdowne Town Forum

A town forum will take place on Thursday, October 12, from 7-9 pm at the Twentieth Century Club, 84 South Lansdowne Avenue. All residents are welcome. Discussions about Economic Development, Public Safety and other issues will take place.